Is it time for wenger to leave arsenal?

Another abject performance in the knockout stages of the champions league for arsenal has got everyone talking about Arsene Wenger and arsenal’s future. 

First of all it is no disgrace losing to Bayern Munich at the Allianz arena but the manner and scoreline made it a disgrace.  To make matters worse for arsenal fans this is just a repeat of previous seasons under Wenger. Arsenal are a team who have always played great football under wenger. In the glory days there was a steel about them that made them hard to beat in the big games. They had Adams, Campbell and Vieira. Players who would fight and get the team through big games when their beautiful football was not working. Now there is a lack of fight and as soon as they are up against it in a game they throw in the towel and look average when they come up against Europe’s best.

Wenger could argue they have had rough draws but the weaknesses have been there for many years now and it looks like Wenger has been stubborn and not tried to eradicate them. 

Badly craving a midfielder who could dominate games and defenders who can actually defend!! This should have been his focus. Arsenal are a rich club who have paid big fees in recent years for players.

Instead of signing these types of players it seems like Wenger is happy just qualifying for the champions league and making it to knockout stages each year and is a successful season in his and the board’s eyes. But do arsenal fans?

One Fa cup in 10 years is not enough titles for arsenal and Wenger is only still in the job because of what he has done in the past. But surely the present should be what counts the most and if he was at any other club he would have been shown the door seasons ago.

Arsenal are a club in repeat and need change. They are the gunners and they should be shooting for titles.


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